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Throughout the year, Líderes Campesinas hosts a variety of campaigns to highlight the issues impacting farmworker women. These include:

Sexual Assault Awareness Month and Denim Day shine a light on the experiences of survivors. We use art and awareness across the month of April to tell the stories of women and educate communities how to stop sexual assault. In this month our Morralitos campaign provides members the chance to design aprons with messages  and images depicting women’s struggles and strength.

Every October, our chapters host a series of vigils in honor of domestic violence awareness month. We use this campaign highlight the frequency of domestic violence in the community and take action to end violence against women. 

Many of our campaigns focus on building awareness within farmworker communities. As part of the Campaign for Healthier Solutions we collaborate with Coming Clean and other organizations to raise awareness of the toxic chemicals that some dollar store products contain so that they’re removed from shelves. Low-income earners such as farmworkers buy goods in these affordable stores, meaning that they’re at a higher risk of consuming harmful products. In the Madre Tierra campaign, we work with farm-working women to encourage the use of ancestral agricultural practices that are more sustainable, don’t require harmful chemicals, and are healthier for the environment and ourselves. 

CampesinXmas is our annual year-end toy drive for the children of farmworker women. 

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