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Our Board of Directors play a critical role as advisors, governors, and champions for our work. Each of our local committees elect a Representative and an Alternate to serve on the Board. In addition, we include at least three community members at large with expertise to share with the organization and one representative from our Statewide Adolescent Advisory Committee.

  • Audelia García Cervantes

    President of the Board of Directors | Representative Greenfield Chapter

  • Suguet López

    Executive Director Ex-Officio

  • Mily Treviño Sauceda

    President Emeritus

  • Elizabeth Cordero


  • Andrea C. Hubbard

    Representative Central Coast Chapter

  • Elizabeth Pérez

    Alternate Central Coast Chapter

  • Silvia Esteban

    Representative Coachella Valley Chapter

  • Sinthia Hernandez

    Alternate Greenfield Chapter

  • Ana Trejo

    Representative Huron Chapter

  • Myrna Tapia

    Representative Imperial Valley Chapter

  • Francisca Alaniz

    Representative North Kern County Chapter

  • Veronica García

    Alternate North Kern County Chapter

  • Laura Gonzalez

    Representative South Kern County Chapter

  • Jessica Nuñez

    Alternate South Kern County Chapter

  • Maria Rubio

    Representative Madera County Chapter

  • Alva Salazar

    Alternate Madera County Chapter

  • María Salazar

    Representative Merced County Chapter

  • Jazmin Villacana

    Alternate Merced County Chapter

  • Victoria Poz

    Representative Sacramento-Yolo-Colusa Chapter

  • Sayda Turcios

    Alternate Sacramento-Yolo-Colusa Chapter

  • Maricela Mariscal

    Representative Salinas Valley Chapter

  • Veronica López

    Alternate Salinas Valley Chapter

  • Josefina Muños

    Representative Soledad Chapter

  • Melina Irais Zarate

    Alternate Soledad Chapter

  • Maricarmen Reyes

    Representative Sonoma – Napa Chapter

  • Zuleima Hurtado

    Alternate Sonoma-Napa Chapter

  • Rosa Zapata

    Representative Tulare County Chapter

  • Cristina Romero

    Alternate Tulare County Chapter

  • Elodia Salvador

    Representative Ventura County Chapter

  • Irene Gómez

    Alternate Ventura County Chapter