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Families gather to honor and share their stories at Crime Victims’ Rights March

| Bakersfield Now

Once a year families gather to march in downtown Bakersfield. Each one is seeking justice for their loved ones.

One of these families was the family of 21-year-old Isaiah Leyva. His mother, Jaqueline Angeles, is looking to find out who shot and killed her son three years ago.

Women in farm work march for solidarity

| Fox 40

Hundreds of women farmworkers and their allies marched in Sacramento as part of several days of meetings with state legislators in Sacramento.

Las Historias Que Cuentan: Trabajadores Agrícolas Presentan Historias Digitales Sobre Los Cambios Climáticos


El 4 de octubre se presentaron la segunda ronda de las presentaciones de historias digitales en la escuela César E. Chávez. Las historias digitales tienen como meta traer conciencia en como el cambio climatólogo afecta la salud de la comunidad campesina. El proyecto nació en un grupo de enfoque de la comunidad, principalmente por las necesidades de las comunidades que no saben leer, ni escribir el español o inglés. Estos videos se hicieron para que la comunidad pudiera expresar su sentir, sobre las dificultades que tienen, sobre los cambios climáticos en su trabajo en el campo.

California becomes first state to offer health insurance to undocumented immigrants

California is now the first state in the nation to provide health insurance to undocumented immigrants. It’s a historic moment for all undocumented immigrants who now find themselves eligible for health insurance.

Un festejo especial para las familias campesinas

| Telemundo

Decenas de familias campesinas locales despidieron el 2022 con un gran festejo para ellas, especialmente gracias a la organización Líderes Campesinas.

A coalition is urging the EPA to immediately suspend the use of a widely used weedkiller: ‘No legal legs to stand on’

| Yahoo! News

A coalition of six organizations has urged the Environmental Protection Agency to halt the use of the common weedkiller glyphosate.

Kern County’s 2020 free speech violations trigger new safeguards. Will they work?

| CalMatters

Three years ago, a string of Facebook posts spelled doom for a Kern County plan to curb COVID-19’s path through vulnerable communities.

The virus had already wreaked havoc in the conservative, agricultural county by October 2020, when the Kern County Public Health Department struck what would be a nearly $1.5 million deal with local organizations and an associated small business to get crucial information about COVID-19 to hard-hit ZIP codes and vulnerable groups.

Spreading cheer beyond the fields

| Wasco Tribune

Líderes Campesinas North Kern Committee held a Mexican-themed Christmas event, “Posada,” to honor local farmworker families. There were toys for the children, food boxes, gift cards, raffle items, clothing, desserts, tacos, music and drinks to enjoy.

Sacramento County residents supporting farm workers during the holiday season

| Fox 40

The Sacramento region is known as America’s “Farm-to-Fork” capital.

But advocates for farm workers say the hands that make this industry run are often left in the shadows.

Farmworkers Breakfast event in Brawley


BRAWLEY, Calif. (KYMA, KECY) – The City of Brawley had its second annual Farmworker Breakfast event Friday morning.

About 200 people attended the breakfast that took place at the Providence in Brawley at 3 a.m.