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Coachella Valley farmworkers lost hundreds of dollars during storm Hilary. Financial aid options are slim.

| CalMatters

Many farmworkers in Coachella Valley lack legal status as citizens and don’t qualify for most federal and state disaster aid. Even a new $95 million storm assistance program for immigrants that Governor Gavin Newsom recently touted is out of reach because it pertains to the winter and spring storms and floods.

Flooded, Muddy Fields Leave Some Coachella Valley Farmworkers Shut Out

| LAist

The heavy flooding and mudflows that Tropical Storm Hilary brought to the Coachella Valley have not spared the region’s farm fields.

113 degrees at work, failing AC at home: Farmworkers can’t escape life-threatening heat

| Los Angeles Times

One morning this summer, several days into temperatures above 110 degrees in this farming community, Socorro Galvez, 53, began to feel weak as she picked grapes in the suffocating heat. The green vines suddenly looked yellow, her sweat turned cold and she felt like she was going to faint. It happened again, just before the …

As the Salton Sea Shrinks, Agriculture’s Legacy Turns to Dust

| Civil Eats

Ana Rosa Villegas López points to the scattered images of her son on the walls of the Mecca Public Library in Southern California. In one, he stares straight at the camera, his sleeplessness etched into the dark circles under his eyes. The walls are covered with photos of children playing on a small square of artificial turf, dust-coated door mats, and the children’s inflamed, rashy arms, runny noses, inhalers, and humidifiers.

Goodwill, YMCA among San Diego-area ‘Nonprofits of the Year’ picked by local legislators

| The San Diego Union-Tribune

Each year senators and Assembly members throughout California pick a Nonprofit of the Year in each of their districts. In San Diego County and surrounding area, about a dozen nonprofits were recognized for outstanding contributions to their communities.

¿Te sientes triste? Trabajadores agrícolas en California cada vez con más problemas de salud mental

| Univision

SACRAMENTO, California. – La salud emocional de los trabajadores agrícolas en California ha comenzado a preocupar a las organizaciones enfocadas en este sector esencial, ante un aumento en los casos y la falta de desconocimiento de los recursos de ayuda.

Campesinas pasan el Día de las Madres trabajando: “En EEUU es la vida de muchas mamás”

| Univision

SACRAMENTO, California. – Juana Amendez, mejor conocida como “Toña”, es una de las miles de trabajadoras agrícolas que todos los días lucha para combinar sus roles en el campo y con su familia; así es como ella celebra este Día de las Madres.

Strategic Growth Council Appoints Inaugural California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force Members

| California Strategic Growth Council

The California Strategic Growth Council has unanimously and enthusiastically appointed twelve inaugural members of the California Agricultural Land Equity Task Force, which will develop policy recommendations to equitably increase access to agricultural land for food production and traditional tribal agricultural uses. Established by California’s State Legislature last year, the Task Force will meet every quarter over three years and submit a full report of policy recommendations to the State Legislature and Governor by January 1, 2026.

‘They’re sacrificing us’: a California town feels ignored months after flood

| The Guardian

The small, agricultural town of Planada was inundated amid a wave of intense storms this winter. Residents, many of whom are undocumented, say they have been neglected.

Organization working to raise awareness on sexual harassment female farmworkers face

| Bakersfield Now

BAKERSFIELD, California — An organization known as ‘Lideres Campesinas’ is trying to bring attention to issues women farmworkers face.
They are farmworkers themselves, who reach out to the community and inform them of their rights. They focus on raising awareness of pesticide abuse, domestic violence, and sexual assault.