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Even with legal protections, extreme heat and wildfire take a toll on farmworkers

| Grist

Mass shootings at two California mushroom farms last month drew national attention to the dismal working and living conditions imposed on California farmworkers. Surveys of California Terra Garden and Concord Farms, where the assailant had worked, revealed families living in trailers and shipping containers, using makeshift kitchens and portable toilets. State and federal officials have opened investigations into the farms, where workers reported earning below minimum wage.

California’s ‘most disadvantaged’ workers have widespread chronic health issues, study finds

| Medical Xpress

Despite widespread chronic illness among the people that grow food in California—many struggle to access reliable healthcare.
A new study from UC Merced Community and Labor Center sheds light on the chronic health issues, healthcare access, and workplace conditions that impact the well-being of California farmworkers.

Uso de pesticidas: ¿riesgos o beneficios?

| Telemundo

Según el sitio de internet de la Agencia de Protección Ambiental, los pesticidas se utilizan en la agricultura para controlar las malezas y la infestación de insectos. Sin embargo, expertos médicos indican que su uso puede estar relacionado con diversas enfermedades como cáncer, leucemia, Parkinson, asma y más. Sobre ello nos hablan dos representantes de un comité de la organización Líderes Campesinas

Half Moon Bay shooting unmasks poor living conditions for farmworkers

| The Washington Post

HALF MOON BAY, Calif. — When Joaquin Jimenez heard about gunshots on Highway 92, he immediately thought of the mushroom farm.

Jimenez is the vice mayor of this scenic beach town south of San Francisco, but his day job as farmworker program director for a local nonprofit brought him into daily contact with the less glamorous side of the community, as he donated food and blankets to those who harvest vegetables in the network of family farms up and down the coast. And in his years providing help for this predominantly immigrant workforce, he said, the California Terra Garden mushroom farm stood out.

Un festejo especial para las familias campesinas

| Telemundo

Decenas de familias campesinas locales despidieron el 2022 con un gran festejo para ellas, especialmente gracias a la organización Líderes Campesinas.