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Suguet López

Executive Director


I joined Líderes Campesinas because the organization has helped me recognize my talents and strengths and because every day I am presented with an opportunity to be the change I want to see in my community. I’m passionate about being witness to our Mission in Action every day and with all my colleagues who make up the movement of campesinas in California and at national level.

Paula Placencia

Organizing Director


I joined Líderes Campesinas for its mission and compromise with the community. It’s my passion and I’m very proud of the accomplishments that we’ve been able to achieve.

Ramona Felix

Director of Membership


Phone: (760)574-7101

Irene De Barraicua

Director of Policy and Communications


Phone: (805)767-0000
I joined the team in a very synchronous way after witnessing for years all of the inequities and injustices endured by farmworker communities here and abroad. The powerful role of women in the Agricultural industry and in their household make them essential leaders in their communities and that was and continues to be what inspires me.

Claudia Quezada

Environmental Justice Program Coordinator


Phone: (805)844-4754

I was a farmworker and my family is farm-working. During this time I saw all the injustice, the lack of training, wage theft and discrimination. This pushed me to do something different in my life and after almost 12 years I am still in this fight.

Elvira Barragan

Violence Against Women Program Coordinator

Phone: (760)953-6167

I’m a survivor of domestic violence, human trafficking, and I’m the daughter of farmworkers. When I heard about Líderes Campesinas, what they do for women’s rights, victims of domestic violence, and when I learned the mission, my passion was born to be part of this organization in order to join this fight and obtain more rights and create changes.

Juanita Montoya

Labor Rights Program Coordinator


Phone: (661)557-5059

Coming from a family of agricultural workers, and me being a farmworker, I’ve been witness to all the injustice that women and farmworkers face day to day. Because of this, the act of providing services and resources to the agricultural communities is a gratifying experience.

Yesenia Martínez

Women's Health Program Coordinator

Phone: (661)565-6121

Yunuen Ibarra

Director of Programs and Fund Development


Phone: (760)668-5675

I joined Líderes Campesinas because I am a daughter of farm working parents and I would’ve liked that my parents had a resource to go to and find more help for farmworkers. What I like about Líderes Campesinas is the constant effort to grow the leadership and personal development of farm-working women, and the dedication of the farm-working members to address the problems affecting the farmworking community and ensure they are heard and protected.

America Ramírez

Policy and Advocacy Coordinator - Northern California