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Advocates ask California to ban cancer-causing pesticide Talon

| ABC 23 | Bakersfield

Telone, also called 13D, has been used in California for decades, but advocates say the pesticide may be responsible for illnesses, including cancers, among farmworkers.

In 1996, the EPA was ordered to test pesticides for impacts on people’s hormones. They still don’t.

| Environmental Health News

In 1996, Congress ordered the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to test all pesticides used on food for endocrine disruption by 1999. The EPA still doesn’t do this today.

Nor does it appear close to doing so, argue the plaintiffs in a lawsuit filed against the agency in December for its ongoing failure to implement the Endocrine Disruptor Screening Program.

Campesinos podrían recibir $300 a través del beneficio de desempleo en California

| Telemundo

Una propuesta de ley en California quiere lograr el primer programa que pague beneficio de desempleo sin excluir a ningún trabajador, es decir, que también otorgue ayuda financiera a los empleados indocumentados.

California’s new pesticide notifications might not shield farmworkers


Flor Alvarado is in the kitchen of her mobile home, listening intently to a virtual meeting and taking notes while Alexa and Alison, her twin seven-year-old daughters, play quietly in the living room. Alvarado lives in Bakersfield, at the bottom of California’s sweltering San Joaquin Valley, where it’s not uncommon for temperatures to reach triple digits. The air conditioner is humming trying to keep the home cool as the voice of a community activist blares from Alvarado’s phone screen. She glances at her girls; it is almost time for dinner.

Even with legal protections, extreme heat and wildfire take a toll on farmworkers

| Grist

Mass shootings at two California mushroom farms last month drew national attention to the dismal working and living conditions imposed on California farmworkers. Surveys of California Terra Garden and Concord Farms, where the assailant had worked, revealed families living in trailers and shipping containers, using makeshift kitchens and portable toilets. State and federal officials have opened investigations into the farms, where workers reported earning below minimum wage.

California’s ‘most disadvantaged’ workers have widespread chronic health issues, study finds

| Medical Xpress

Despite widespread chronic illness among the people that grow food in California—many struggle to access reliable healthcare.
A new study from UC Merced Community and Labor Center sheds light on the chronic health issues, healthcare access, and workplace conditions that impact the well-being of California farmworkers.